Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Geek out the vote!

To get your guide, point your browser to Navigate around, picking any Solutions Guide you want. Then, when you're ready, click the View Cart link at the upper, right of the screen, and enter the coupon code in the area shown in Figure E.


Enter your coupon code here. (click for larger image)

Then, proceed on to checkout and you should get your product for free. Enjoy, and please, even after you've gotten your Solutions Guide and registered to vote, go out into your town, your community, your neighborhood and help other people to register, and then, to vote.

Let's give this amazing technology all the power we can.

By the way, if registered to vote or helped someone register, or you've got a great story to tell about being able to vote, or about how you helped get out the vote, please feel free to tell us. Just send a note to with the subject heading "VOTING".