Saturday, November 1, 2003

Help celebrate the First Flight Anniversary with your articles and pictures


By David Gewirtz

December 17, 2003 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Wright Brothers' historic 59-second powered flight. This is an event that truly heralded a change in our society. I'd like to honor that flight (and the accomplishment of the two brothers who stuck to their project through all the ups and downs) by running a series of articles about flight in the December 14th issue of each of the ZATZ magazines.

I'm neither a pilot nor an expert in flight, so I need your help. I'd like to run articles that celebrate flight and I need our readers to write those articles.

Topics are open. You don't have to write about flight and WebSphere or flight and Lotus Notes (although that'd be great). It also doesn't have to be about the first flight or even the Wright Brothers (although, that too would be great). Instead just write about what flight means to you, tell us an interesting story, tell us something we might not know, or even just tell us a personal story. The only criteria for acceptance is that it's got to be an original, unpublished article submitted exclusively to ZATZ and it's got to be well-written.

If you've got photographs that are original or unpublished (and you own the rights to them), send them in. We'll hopefully also run a photo retrospective of flight, if we get enough submissions.

Deadline for this project is December 5th. Send your completed articles directly to me at That way, we should have enough time to get all the edits completed before the December 14 issues. Let's do this together. Let's really show how important that first flight was to us all.

-- David

PS: Don't forget we have great writer guidelines at