Sunday, August 1, 2004

More on WebSphere and Apache


By David Gewirtz

Back in January, we ran an article about running WebSphere with Apache. You can read it at Some folks were obviously digging around the back issues, because we've gotten a couple of comments that may be useful to other readers.

Michele Bevilacqua at the Advanced Software Group in Italy writes:

I read your article and I was going to test both Apache and WebSphere using Linux on a PC. Do you have any comments and/or suggestions about this configuration?

I'd think that you're dealing with very similar issues, because Apache works so closely on both platforms. The only thing I'd be careful with are the modules that load.

We got confirmation that WebSphere and Apache run fine in Linux from Jason Collier at CertFX. He writes:

We run Apache on RedHat 9.0 and then proxy requests internally to port 81 if they include an *.nsf* within them.
This allows us to run Apache/PHP as the primary engine for our web server, but then handle any Domino requests internally. We use to proxy those requests off to another machine, however, we now run them both locally.

That's perfect. I hadn't thought about proxying the internal requests, but it's a great idea.