Thursday, January 1, 2004

WebSphere Best Practices Zone


By David Gewirtz

The United States General Accounting Office defines best practices as "The processes, practices, and systems identified in public and private organizations that performed exceptionally well and are widely recognized as improving an organization's performance and efficiency in specific areas. Successfully identifying and applying best practices can reduce business expenses and improve organizational efficiency."

If you're developing systems using WebSphere, it makes sense that best practices should have a substantial share of mind. To that end, IBM's developed a WebSphere Best Practices Zone, which provides a collection of best practices for administering WebSphere Application Server.

Located at, the WebSphere Best Practices Zone has a library of 47 best practices papers, as well as links to other best practices resources. Topics of the zone, shown in Figure A, range from avoiding or minimizing synchronization in servlets to improving HttpSession performance with smart serialization and even a paper that describes using WebSphere Plugin configuration parameters to prevent delays and to improve performance in high volume Web sites in a WebSphere environment.


Get your best practices here. (click for larger image)

Some of the articles on the WebSphere Best Practices Zone are short, others are quite extensive. But no matter what you're doing with WebSphere, you owe it to yourself and your organization to bookmark this site and save it as a resource to visit again and again.