Monday, September 1, 2003

Welcome to WebSpherePower Magazine


By David Gewirtz

Welcome to the Power Magazine for IBM WebSphere Professionals at I gotta tell you, it's great to be able to say that!

We've been working on launching WebSpherePower for almost a year now. As with all software-related projects (even those that just cover software), there were delays. But, now, finally, we're shipping our very first issue of WebSpherePower Magazine and I'm thrilled.

I think you will be, as well.

Many of you are likely to be long-time DominoPower readers, so let me reassure you that WebSpherePower is not replacing DominoPower. In fact, DominoPower Magazine is currently the most successful publication in the ZATZ library. Even though the economy's been challenged, the Domino development and network engineers out there are among the most dedicated professionals I've ever met. Since I started writing about Notes (and then Domino) back in 1992, I've met some amazing people and developed some wonderful friendships.

So, DominoPower isn't going anywhere. Instead, WebSpherePower is going to be extending our coverage of IBM technologies to the WebSphere technology, uh, sphere. There's a lot going on, a whole lot of buzzwords, and some amazing innovations.

To help us cover all of this, I'm thrilled that Dan Velasco, one of our three well-known and highly respected Senior Technical Editors of DominoPower has moved over to WebSpherePower and will be providing weekly tips and articles. With Dan's help, we can all learn more about WebSphere and what it means for our organizations.

Like our other publications, we'll be providing daily news updates on the WebSpherePower news page, located at Heather McDaniel, News Editor extraordinaire will be watching this market like a hawk every single morning. If you've got something interesting to report, please send it to her at

By the way, if you'd like to write for WebSpherePower, you can find writer guidelines at, our online Author's resource. You can also contact me directly at

Finally, I'm sure a few of you are going to be asking whether WebSpherePower's built in WebSphere (or Domino for that matter). The answer to that is "no." It's not because we wouldn't want to, had we started building out content management system this year. However, we've been working on ZENPRESS, our patent-pending content management system, since 1997, and with all that history, we're just sticking with what works.

That said, we're planning to learn lots about WebSphere along with the rest of our DominoPower audience and those of you coming directly to WebSpherePower.

Take care and once again, welcome to the magazine!

-- DG