Sunday, February 1, 2004

Accessing remote AS/400 databases using JTOpen


By David Gewirtz

If you're running a relatively complex Web site, at some point you're going to need to perform remote queries of databases running on remote machines. Over the past few weeks, we've gotten a number of requests about accessing AS/400-hosted databases from a WebSphere machine, remotely.

Although it's always nice to have WebSphere loaded on the remote machine, it's not necessary. Rather, most standard AS/400 configurations (and yes, there are still loads of people using these systems) run with DB2.

You can connected to the AS/400's DB2 environment with drivers found in the JTOpen, the Open Source version of the IBM Toolbox for Java, located at You'll want to look for the drivers found in jt400.jar.

Don't forget you may have to open a hole in your firewall if you're doing a remote (outside the LAN) query, or use a VPN to punch your way through.