Sunday, February 1, 2004

Are you a hotshot or not?


By David Gewirtz

Do you love WebSphere technology? Can an elegant piece of Java code make your whole day? Does the word "portlet" just give you shivers?

Last week at Lotusphere, I had the chance to speak in person to many of our DominoPower authors. Nearly all of them had some story to tell me about how writing for the magazine helped their careers, had an impact in their landing a new job, or boosted their credibility when pitching for a new consulting gig.

Their enthusiasm reminded me that I hadn't told you, our WebSpherePower Magazine audience, that there are loads of great opportunities for you to write as well.

Do you have a knack for explaining tough concepts in an easygoing manner? Do you want access to the insiders, the newest products, and the juiciest trends? Do you like getting free goodies and then finding all the nooks and crannies of what makes them work?

Do you want to give your resume a giant shot in the arm? Are you absolutely without a doubt an expert in WebSphere or Java? Are you a hotshot when it comes to all things WebSphere?

I invite you to write for WebSpherePower Magazine (and the other ZATZ publications as well). You'll get famous and our other readers will learn great stuff. If you're interested in giving yourself that critical boost in visibility (and you can write), send a note to me at with some story ideas. Remember, if it's about WebSphere and it's a topic that turns you on or you're passionate about, it's likely to be great for our readers!

Also, don't forget to visit for very helpful writer guidelines.